Common Issues

  • If you get error messages like

cannot remove directory for ~/.something/Cache: Directory not empty at /usr/bin/unburden-home-dir line 203

there is likely a process running which still has files open in that directory or a subdirectory thereof.

Exit that program and try again. unburden-home-dir is idempotent, i.e. it can be called several times without doing different things.

  • In case unburden-home-dir moved something it wasn’t expected to, you can try to undo all of unburden-home-dir’s doing by running

unburden-home-dir -u

Nevertheless this functionality is less well tested as unburden-home-dir’s normal operation mode, so it may not be able to undo everything.

unburden-home-dir’s undo mode (of course) can’t undo modifications where it has been told to remove all files and create an empty directory instead. See the r action in the Configuration Files section below.

  • See also the current TODO list for known deficiencies, planned features and various ideas.