There are some, I’m sure. ;-)

A few known deficiencies are listed in the TODO list.

Browsing Bug Reports

Reporting Bugs

If you use unburden-home-dir as packaged by your distribution, please report bugs there. If you use unburden-home-dir elsewhere, please use GitHub’s issue tracker for now.

Reporting Security Bugs

Contact By E-Mail

In case you want to report security-related bugs confidentially without public disclosure, please send them to Axel Beckert abe@deuxchevaux.org.

If you prefer, you can alternatively also write to Axel’s Debian e-mail address abe@debian.org. (It’s though forwarded to his current private e-mail address, which hasn’t changed in 20 years.)

Contact using PGP-encrypted E-Mail

In case you want to send an encrypted e-mail, please use PGP/GnuPG and encrypt it to the key 0x2517B724C5F6CA9953296E612FF9CD59612616B5 (or its most recent subkey).

For details on how to retrieve this PGP key please see “Appendix: Used PGP Keys”.